Industrial cleaning

When it comes to professional industrial cleaning on location, Multinal Group is the right place. Industrial cleaning includes chemical technical cleaning of pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, process installations, production units, machines, steam boilers, cooling towers and other process parts, as well as testing these systems. Even ultrasonic cleaning of sprinkler nozzles and testing is possible. In a well-running production process, stagnation can occur due to contamination of your piping systems and process installations. You can easily prevent this stagnation by having your systems or process installations cleaned industrially, preventively or periodically. With cleaning you not only prevent your machines from suffering from reduced heat transfer due to lime, iron salts, grease deposits and (assembly) pollution, but the chance of damage to your machines decreases drastically.

Advantages of industrial cleaning

  • Quality comes first
  • Professional engineers
  • Flexibility

Below you will find an overview of the professional services that Multinal Group offers in the field of industrial cleaning

  • Stainless steel pickling on location
  • Chemical technical cleaning
  • Pressure testing systems
  • Engineering systems
  • Flushing
  • Clean high pressure
  • Inspections systems
  • Cleaning HVAC channels
  • Cleaning toilet systems
  • Rental flush units
  • Stainless steel pickling products
  • Cleaning references

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