Powder coating

If you want an excellent protective layer against corrosion for your product, but also want a long lifespan and less maintenance, then Multinal Group offers plenty of options with its powder coat treatments.

Whether it concerns the powder coating of a few pieces or a series of thousands of copies: it does not matter to us.

With over 55 years of experience, we know what is involved in the effective application of a powder coat layer for an optimal result. Powder coating or coating not only offers good protection against corrosion, but also ensures a long service life, less maintenance and also gives your product an attractive and sleek appearance. It is also possible to powder coat your product in any desired color.

Advantages of powder coating

  • Coating is an excellent protective layer against corrosion
  • Long life for your metal product
  • Less maintenance due to coating
  • Sleek, smooth appearance
  • Applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • To be applied in several powder coating layers

Powder coating: many possibilities

It does not matter to us whether you want to powder coat single pieces or bulky and heavy constructions, we are happy to arrange it for you. We have the right powder coating options for both indoor and outdoor applications. For example, we can apply a single-layer, two-layer or three-layer powder coating, working with three types of powder coating treatments. For indoor applications with epoxy or epoxy / polyester or outdoor applications with special polyester.

Colors and effects

With our many powders and wet coats, we offer colorful options, even if your color is special. RAL and design colors, transparent coatings or special structure effects are meticulously executed by our professionals.

But hammer-blow, wrinkle or metallic effects and the desired degree of gloss are also combined with the most modern techniques with craftsmanship.

Remove rust and optimal adhesion

Our people understand their profession and know what is involved in powder coating and wet painting. This combined with the efforts and dedication of people who do everything they can to achieve top quality of the coating and fast delivery times. It goes without saying that we have the in-house expertise to use blasting as a pre-treatment for coating or wet painting. We use blasting to remove rust formation, mill scale, incandescent skin and weld seams, which also promotes optimal adhesion of the powder coating and / or wet painting.