About us


Multinal Group specializes as an innovative, international company in offering solutions in the field of surface treatments and industrial cleaning. It does this by providing the widest possible advice on and the competitive provision of services in the above area, in which this is an essential part of the business process. All this in an environment where knowledge and advice, quality, chemical processes and a wide range of services provide the appropriate pattern for the customer and with which Multinal relieves its customers so that its customers can focus on their core business.

In realizing its mission, Multinal Group strives for:

Providing services of a high service and quality level to its customers with a high degree of customer satisfaction;
An exciting, inspiring, clean and neat working environment for its employees;
Be a reliable relationship for its suppliers;
An adequate return on invested capital for its shareholders;
“Show good citizenship to the rest of the world”;
To learn from her mistakes, to prevent repetition.


Multinal considers it very important to deliver high quality, at a reasonable price and to have short lead times. In addition, we think it is important to enter into a partnership with our customers and to offer customers something extra. We want to offer a total concept of surface treatments and logistics services, so that customers can fully trust all their surface treatments and industrial cleaning activities to us, so that they can really focus on their core business.

The vision consists of several pillars:

In addition to striving for profitability, continuity and delivering high quality, Multinal above all wants an organization that does business in society and with which has an eye for the entire environment in which it operates, where it works optimally with all stakeholders. For example through chain cooperation, development plans for employees, policy and processes in accordance with CSR and certification for management system based on standards;
Clear uniformity in appearance, working method and service orientation of all Multinal locations;
Approaches that support the vision are based on management methods based on costs, added value, inventory control and process improvement methods.


The internal organization is optimized by setting high requirements in advance for (production) processes within the organization and for the people who carry out the work. With the help of training, organizational employees are enabled to work according to our high quality standards.

By encouraging its customers to mainly report complaints, on which they have a complaint prevention policy that aims to prevent recurrence. For optimal safety, we follow procedures according to ISO 9001 and VCA.

In short, safety, health, environment and quality are paramount at Multinal Group and its companies!


Multinal Group strives to continuously improve its processes. By taking complaints from its customers seriously, we are enabled to improve ourselves and / or take influenced measures to prevent them in the future.

Despite our careful action, if you still have a complaint to report, please let us know via the complaint form. Together with you we can prevent future problems.

Thank you for your effort!