Electrolytic galvanizing

Electrolytic galvanizing of steel parts and products: with a low layer thickness and attractive pricing

Multinal Group is the right partner for electrolytic galvanizing of steel parts and products. From the electrolytic galvanizing of steel semi-finished products to end products, we are happy to galvanize it for you.

In electrolytic galvanizing, a zinc layer is applied to steel parts by electrolytic method. This micron thin zinc layer gives the steel part good corrosion protection and also a nice appearance. To give this zinc layer extra protection, the zinc layer is passivated.


We can post-treat the zinc layer with the following passivations:

• Passivate blue
• Iridescent yellow
(resembles the conventional yellow iridescent color)
• Black passivation with topcoat

Of course all these passivations are CrVI free and comply with REACH and RoHS.


In addition to galvanizing, you can choose which passivation you want and we offer galvanizing in combination with powder coating.

In short, Multinal Group has the right specialists in-house for professional galvanizing or a combination with surface treatment powder coating.


Electrolytic galvanizing or galvanizing of steel has the following advantages:

• Our passivations are CrVI free and comply with REACH and RoHS
• High degree of corrosion resistance
• Zinc can be applied in very thin layers
• Galvanizing and powder coating have a very long service life
• Smooth and visual appearance