On- and offshore

Industrial & Marine Services

For the offshore and onshore we provide the various surface treatments and services in the field of industrial cleaning. Preventive cleaning is essential on board cruise, ferry, cargo and navy ships. Moreover, with preventive cleaning you save time and money on repair work by third parties, who do not solve the final problem. We also supply the chemicals for interim maintenance and cleaning of vacuum toilet systems.

General treatments

  • Decontaminate
  • Legionalla removal
  • Pickling and passivation
  • Engineering
  • System inspections
  • Degrease

Cleaning of:

  • (grease) extraction channels
  • HVAC channels
  • Chemical technical cleaning
  • Heat exchangers
  • Sprinkler nozzles

By means of:

  • Chemistry
  • High pressure

To test:

  • Systems (pressure) testing
  • Oil (pressure) testing
  • Helium leak (pressure) testing


  • Hot oil flushing
  • Flush water glycol


Since its foundation in 1931, top quality has been of paramount importance to chemical technical service provider Multinal Group. In addition to top quality, we supply highly skilled staff anywhere in the world and at any time. The unprecedented flexibility that Multinal Group characterizes, really makes it possible to serve customers “at any time”!

We have worldwide agencies located in Miami, Kuala Lumpur and China. Multinal Group has carried out professional national and international projects in Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Panama, Angola, Australia, New Zealand. , South Africa and the home country of the Netherlands.

Thanks to the trust that Multinal Group has built up in its business relationships, Multinal Group has grown into the international service provider it is today!

Multinal’s clientele consists of many McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands, mega yachts of world stars and cruise ships of large shipping companies, ferry boats, navy ships, town halls, schools, hospitals and food producers.

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